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The Company

Constantly striving for excellence, we are always looking for new products. Cava wishes to create a unique experience, every purchase comes with new stories to tell and flavors to discover.

The Project

In our cellar we have collected flavours from all over Italy and beyond, suggesting images of authentic and uncontaminated locations; with our range of products, we wish to spark your curiosity and indulge your tastes.

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Our Story

Forty years ago, the walls that encolse our winecellar welcomed the first historic bottiglieria in Ventimiglia. Today, with its unique history and fortune, our wine shop, located on the French-Italian border, attracts people from all over the world.

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About Us

We are a young and motivated team. Since we began shaping our dream, every step we took was taken for the first time, our greatest wish is to keep moving forward and take a thousand more.

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News & Events

A taste of Cava just for you! Take a peek at what we do in the section dedicated to our events, companies and products.

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Biodinamic Wines and organic Wines

Triple "A" wines are biodynamic and organic wines regulated by a strict production protocol. Discover our selection.



A trip to the pop cellar of the Langhe

L'Astemia Pentita is the wine cellar with a pop soul and visionary aesthetic, founded by the Piedmontese entrepreneur Sandra Vezza in the territory of Barolo.



The amphorates of the Island of Elba

The amphora is the oldest vessel ever used to store wine. The Arrighi Company is the first and only Elban producer to use this ancient winemaking method.




We are coming! The countdown has started for the opening of cava eccellenze in cantina , we look forward to seeing you at the inauguration to celebrate a new start together.

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