From the vineyards to the tracks

Roxenne and Salvatore Gandolfo: wines and pilots, different worlds with the same passion.

Wine and car racing? The easiest, most obvious, association of ideas between those two is that of the podium after a race. The moment when the riders release the tension of the race’s weekend with a sip of champagne. The Cava project, however, goes beyond this stereotype. It is a matter of DNA, given that Roxenne Gandolfo is the daughter of Salvatore, a dynamic Italian-Swiss entrepreneur who, among many other activities, is a manager in the racing world; currently with three drivers – Pascal Wehrlein, Alex Palou and David Vidales – competing in international categories. Pascal is a rising star in the new fully electric propulsion Formula E; Alex, after a bright start in the Japanese Superformula, is racing in America in the prestigious Indycar series. And David, who is only eighteen, is making is start in F3 Regional single-seaters after a worldwide career in karting.

Mind, though; we are not talking of a way of management that only focusses on the commercial aspects. Just as it is fair to say that Cava’s activities are not limited to a simple marketing operation. To acquire an already established trademark is one thing; to dedicate oneself to something new, perhaps little known, and calculating its growth potential is a completely different story. Father and daughter share their search for roots, the foresight in their projects, the joy of discovering, growing and progressing along with their “product”. Whether it is about a grape variety, or a young talent at the wheel to start off in single-seater Formula cars, after all it doesn’t make much difference. Above all, as a foundation there is always the respect for the subject treated. Evaluating the potential, recognizing the character. Then comes the awareness that raw talent is not enough. A careful crafting process in needed in terms of image, communication and positioning on the market. That’s what Roxenne and Salvatore are doing on both sides of the Ventimiglia border. On two fronts so different in their form, yet so similar in their essence.

Exclusivity, excellence, simplicity, authenticity: the keywords of the Cava project fit perfectly within the philosophy of Monaco Increase. Because talent, like flavor, must always be recognized when in bloom. After that you need patience, competence, dedication and, above all, passion. For, those who choose wines like those who choose pilots, cannot be motivated solely by economic interest. After all, the recipe for success is simple. But also extremely demanding.

We warmly thank Alberto Antonini for writing this article and Rubyna Chaudry for the care of the translations.