I Vigneti dell’Annunziata

Farmers and Wine Artisans

A small family-run company of 5 hectares located on the Piedmont hills, between the Langhe and Monferrato Astigiano, in the Annunziata hamlet of the Municipality of Costigliole d’Asti, the largest vineyard municipality in Italy that has always been a reference for production of great wines.

Small so to speak, because at the base of Diego and Elena’s work there is first and foremost a choice of life.  A project created step by step with great sacrifices, by people who have never abounded the land, because only time and the meticulous care dedicated to it can give rise to the awareness of having the good fortune to produce that magical something that is wine.

Tradition quality and sustainability

The company philosophy is to continue producing High Quality Traditional Wines, D.O.C.  and D.O.C.G., handing down the working methods and flavors of the territory, but all this with a particular eye on the Environment, the Sustainability of production processes and Consumer Health.

The company has always been oriented towards organic and biodynamic agriculture, applying the choice of converting existing vineyards dating back to the 1960s to organic, creating new systems capable of limiting the environmental impact of intensive cultivation.  The Guyot-trained vineyards have an average of 8,000 plants per hectare, favoring competition between individual plants that tend to root deeply, a determining factor for the mineral nutrition of the vine.

To increase the biological control and biodiversity of the land, hedges with native species are planted every year to favor the life of pollinating and auxiliary insects, as well as colonization by birds and small animals that are disappearing in intensive cultivation such as vines. This philosophy is reflected up to the vinification;  it opts for spontaneous fermentation of indigenous yeasts, which give greater olfactory complexity to the wines, furthermore, filtrations or clarifications are not carried out, except by decanting.

Each vineyard produces a single wine and in this sense we can say that each of the Dell’Annunziata wines can be defined as a CRU.  A “political” choice because they want to offer each harvest a unique and unrepeatable product, in a limited edition, while exposing theirselves to the risks and variables of the season.

The scents of the harvest with Moscato d’Asti vinified exclusively in steel to better preserve the aromatic outfit … the Monovitigno Grappas of Barbera, Chardonnay and Moscato.  A poetic license with an Orange wine of Chardonnay … white macerated on the skins that again reminds us of the ancient peasant tradition.

The luck of our first meeting could only happen at the event

FIVI, ITALIAN FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT VINEYARDS, that is, those who cultivate their own vineyard, make wine from their own grapes and sell their own wine directly.  Diego and Elena remind us that we do not have a planet B which is the responsibility of each of us, in life as in economic activities, to think that the resources we use are not infinite and therefore it is essential to safeguard them.

Honest and generous wines, to drink in company and which at every sip make us share in the strong values ​​of the company: the responsibility of preserving one of the most characteristic territories in the world.