The amphorates of the Island of Elba

The amphora, the oldest vessel ever used to store wine.

Traces of its use date back to about 6000 years ago and it was the Etruscans who spread them in Italy. Eternal containers are defined, not only for their historicity but also because, unlike the wood that runs out after a few steps, the amphorae do not need to be replaced.

Unique and unalterable over time, terracotta does not yield aromas, it does not change the organoleptic aspect of the wine, allowing to maintain the identity profile of the grape varieties using it to its fullest potential. Furthermore this material is breathable, therefore during aging wines are naturally oxygenated, without Human intervention.

The Arrighi Company is the first and only Elban producer, after the Romans 2000 years ago, to use this ancient winemaking method. Only the finest Impruneta terracotta is used, characterized by an extraordinary thermal insulation capacity that allows the wine not to undergo excessive thermal changes during storage.

With the red Tresse IGT and the white Hermia IGT we find the expression of Arrighi quality. The grapes used are in fact the result of a decade-long experimentation started in collaboration with the Tuscany Region (ARSIA) and the Council for Research in Agriculture (CRA) dedicated to the cultivation of international vines such as Viognier, Chardonnay, Manzoni, Syrah, Sagrantino and Tamparillo.

A valuable and limited production is obtained.

IGT Toscano Bianco
Viognier 100%

Long maceration in contact with peels in 800 liter amphora, bottle aging for five months. Hints of apricot, yellow flowers, citrus fruits, peach pulp.
Hermia actually existed 5000 years ago and was the cellar master of the rustic villa of San Giovanni on the Island of Elba. On behalf of his master the illustrious Valerio Messalla, Hermia purchased large jars, called dolia, in Minturno (in southern Lazio), on which he stamped his name alongside the figure of the dolphin which refers to an ancient and fascinating legend of Asia Minor.
This wine in which the fermentation and aging in terracotta is rediscovered is dedicated to the cellarman Hermia, a tribute to the secular wine history of our island.

IGT Toscano Rosso
Sangioveto 50% – Syrah 30% – Sagrentino 20%

Maceration in contact with the peels for 14/16 days. After pressing, the must continues fermentation and aging in 800 liter amphorae for 15/18 months and then 6 months in the bottle.
The company’s “cru” is the product of grapes from a single vineyard located on a very bright plateau. Powerful, structured and long-lasting wine, produced only in the best vintages.
The name tresse is dedicated to the initials of the three blends used. Recommended pairings with seasoned cheeses and game.